Girls Swim Suits

Girls Swim Suits
November 15, 2019
The last opportunity to size for girls swim suits will be this Sunday 8am-10am.
This will also be the last chance to submit any requests for team gear listed on sheet distributed at start of season.
Please note boys hoodies are still being processed and rest assured any missing silicone swim caps will be delivered when the hoodie order is fulfilled by the vendor. 
We are working on re-ordering 2 of our popular Fundraising items.
The Knit SEBS Hat and the Plaid PJ/ pants. 
If you are interested in the PJ/ pants please let me know and most importantly please submit size needed. We would love to place the PJ/pant order within the week so do not delay. 
The knit caps are $15 and the pj/pants are $25