SEBS: A Journey in the Pool Where Every Stroke Counts

  • Strength in Strokes: Swimming is more than just a sport; it's a symphony in the water. Every kick and stroke is a lesson in strength, not just of the body, but of the mind and spirit. As our young swimmers glide through the water, they learn that every challenge is an opportunity to become stronger, more resilient. In the ripples of the pool, they find the strength to face life's currents.
  • Enduring Friendships: The pool is our gathering place, where every cheer and every shared lap cements a bond that goes beyond the lanes. It is here the friendships are forged in the warmth of shared struggles and triumphs. Our swimmers learn that friendship is about supporting each other, celebrating the victories, and offering a shoulder during the defeats. It's where 'team' finds its true meaning.
  • Bravery in Competition: Courage is at the heart of every race. Whether it’s beating their personal best or facing a challenging opponent, our swimmers learn the art of bravery. With every dive, they understand that true competition is not about winning against others, but about overcoming one's own limits.
  • Spirit of Teamwork: SEBS is not just a team, it's a family. United in their love for swimming, our young athletes learn that every stroke they take is for the team. They discover the joy of shared goals and the beauty of working together. In this spirit of unity, they learn lessons that ripple far beyond the pool, into every aspect of their lives.

Our swimmers don't just learn to swim; they learn to navigate the waters of life with strength, forge enduring bonds, face challenges with bravery, and embrace the spirit of teamwork. It's a journey where every lap is a story, every race a memory, and every swimmer a star in their own right.

Saint Sebastian's Parish Center

address: 39-60 57th Street Woodside, NY

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