March 14, 2020

Sadly, due to the coronavirus, CYO has cancelled all swim events for the remainder of our season which was scheduled to end on March 28 with Girls Champs. That means all of our GIRLS’ meets, Olympics, and Champs are now cancelled. All swim practices are cancelled. We are officially done with BOYS and GIRLS swimming.
Of course, in light of the larger societal concern for the coronavirus and those folks who fall ill, and our individual and collective concern for the greater good, the loss of our swim season is a drop in the bucket of concerns. Notwithstanding, it is important for you to know that your coaching staff is very sad not to have the opportunity to complete our girls’ season with victory. We had a record winning junior medley ready to go for Olympics and those girls were eyeing that record for years. They had it! We were already looking at our Champs lineup and, with optimistic certainty, we would’ve been able to embroider 2020 on our Champs jackets. However, unfortunately, we will not get to do that this year. But we are extremely happy and proud with the girls MOST AWESOME WIN against TRI-M 85.5 to 45.5 which made clear to all that we are the true champions!

That said – Coach Leni, Coach Kerry, me, and all the parent-coaches are extremely proud of the work that you put in! You can never take that away. The BOYS came in second place and the GIRLS were so ready to walk away triumphantly! That first-place trophy was yours! But, sometimes in life, stuff happens way out of your control. Do your best to roll with the tide and rise above it when you can. I always say that you can tell a lot more about a swimmer from a great swim team when they are out of the pool, rather than in it. Now is your time to shine. Check in on your elderly or infirm neighbors. Maybe they need you to go to the market for them because the risk for them is too great. Maybe they need a little socializing because they are isolated. Maybe you just spread a little bit of kindness despite the anxious time that we are living in. Be that swimmer!
We are discussing our SWIMATHON and are hoping to find a time to host our BOYS v GIRLS MEET to honor all the work both teams put in this 2019-2020 season. We just do not know what tomorrow brings. What we do know is that we are a fantastic swim community and unique and awesome swim family. We will persevere. Please take good care!

Swim Program Director
St. Sebastian Swim Team