2022-23 Boys Meet Schedule

2022-23 Boys Meet Schedule
October 12, 2022
Please make note of times and locations of the BOYS MEETS this season.
Download and print the schedule.
Parents please give yourself enough time to battle Friday night traffic on the LIE!

Use Google maps or Waze one your phone to help you get there on time.

All swimmers must check-in with Coaching Staff upon your arrival.
Please arrive 45 min before as it takes 10 minutes to get on deck and we need to check in OVER 60 BOYS!

There are many moving pieces in setting up the meet.
Please email me immediately if you are UNABLE to attend the meet.

Swimmers are reminded to have their bathing suits on under their clothes and have a gym bag large enough to hold ALL their belongings (which should have their names on).
Valuables should NOT be left in the locker rooms. Male parents are NEEDED in the locker room to keep order, there is no running around the school!

If you are going to be more than 15 minutes late for the meet, please send a text message to
Coach Leni 917-751-8206  or  Coach Dolores  347-489-6003.

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